The Guarding™ wave often contains some pretty serious stuff. The Human Truth™ is: “If something’s after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™

It’s the wave that the gun toting, paranoid, “Preppers” on that National Geographic show would personify.

However, today I found a fun, light-hearted example!

Check out Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock:

“Worried the dessert desperados have their eyes on your favorite ice cream flavor? Hate to leave home for fear of cold-hearted pint-nappers? Tired of vain attempts to conceal your favorite passion behind the frozen peas? Ben & Jerry’s wants YOU to breathe easier! The all-new Euphori-Lock from Ben & Jerry’s is designed to promote family harmony – and salvage your peace of mind!”

Apparently the concept came from a customer who joked that they should sell their ice cream in “stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them”. Well, the ever creative ice cream purveyors took it from quip to reality by creating a “two-part plastic security ring that slips around your pint’s upper lid for “udder” peace of mind.”

I love the little message on the side of the lock too:  “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no “U” in “My Pint.”

It has an easy-to-remember secret code for when you’re ready to unlock your favorite wacky flavor. Having lived in many a share-household, I could see this concept broadening to all types of food. I would love to never again scream: “WHO USED THE LAST OF THE MAYO!!” when I attempt make my famous BLT.

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