Lynx/Axe deodorant launched an Australian campaign that turned a Sydney terrace house into a peeping tom’s delight. They fitted out the windows with LED screens that play raunchy videos which can be seen only with polarized sunglasses.

As they continue to push their new female deoderant line, this is also a stunt to welcome gals into the fold and embrace their inner voyeur.

This video shows the reactions of passersby as they slip on the sunglasses and see hot couples making out in the “window”.

The Suggestive Selling™ is about engaging people by turing them turn on. It’s appealing to the reproductive instinct on a visual level. Some may say that it’s not the most artful way to advertise, but since when has Axe body spray ever been considered high brow. And as the Human Truth™ of this wave says: “I can’t help looking at what’s hot.”™

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