Some friends and I got into a conversation about “luxury” after I showed them a photo of the worlds most expensive watch. It’s worth US$5 million and is inlaid with with 1,292 diamonds – including six stones each weighing more than 3 carats. So many of my friends were incredulous.

“Would you even wear it?” “That’s just TOOO MUCH”

The watchmaker said that several people have expressed interest in it, without giving any further details. Meh, what’s a few million if your a multi-billionare? Then when I showed the same friends what I considered to be an overly extravagant kitchen fixture, they changed their tune. They are big coffee lovers and thought this video of the TopBrewer was one of the loveliest things they’ve seen. I asked if they would ever truly consider buying something like that.  Without missing a beat: “If I could afford it, then heck yes!”

The TopBrewer by Scanomat is an automatic coffee making machine that dispenses coffee drinks from a faucet-like tap (video). The rest of the machine is hidden out of view in a cabinet-style enclosure. The TopBrewer can be controlled with an iPhone, iPad, or with the in-counter touchscreen.”

The things we find in the Private Pampering™ wave always have a “wow factor”. It’s about going above and beyond. When we spend money on extravagant things it’s like we are patting ourselves on the back for being able to afford it, after all, the Human Truth™ for this wave is: “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.”™

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