I love this ambient campaign from Streets ice-cream, Australia. They are letting passers-by share a fun video of themselves online. You may remember this film technique was first made famous by the Matrix films.

The technology involves a bunch of cameras in a circle that go off just as you jump in the air. It records a 360 degree rotating video of you. There are recording spots in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. You then when you get home, you can go online to the Streets Share Happy site to find the video that you were in, and watch it on Youtube and share on Facebook and Twitter.

“Everyone in the videos looks like they’re really enjoying themselves, and the promoters have made sure that almost everyone in the videos are holding ice-creams, so they’re staying on message.  And the fact that the videos are uploaded onto Youtube and can be easily shared means that news of the campaign will be spread by those who took part.”

I know there can be a lot of cynicism about ambient campaigns not hitting the mark when they try to go viral online. One could point to the slow adoption of QR Codes to make this case. Yet, when something is this fun, it really makes people want to share it. That’s the key. The essence of the Virtual Merge™ wave happens when the real world- meets the actual. When people do, or see something truly out of the ordinary in real life, they can’t wait to share it online.

Stunts like this tiger running through the streets of Paris gets people talking to some extent, but unless they are interacting with it personally, the public is probably less likely to share it on their networks.

Check out all the jumping-with-ice-cream-in-hand fun, in this video right here.

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