Some of the evidence I put in the Barely Legal wave is just down right hilarious. We have already heard of the Wine Rack Bra and the Beer Belly, but let me introduce you to the Freedom Flask! It’s a pouch that fits a bottle of liquor in it. You strap it around your waist, and fill your cup from a dispenser that you pull out of your fly… when you’re on the fly!

Go ahead and pour out half of that soft drink you purchased at the concession stand – just be sure to save that precious ice – then let Freedom Flask® top you off with some of Tennessee or Kentucky’s finest. If you think it may be awkward pouring a drink from your fly – it’s not. What’s awkward is being the guy who gets his flask taken by security.” – Freedom Flask”

The life evidence in the Barely Legal™ wave is always pushing the limits of acceptability. They also might be helping you do things which are a little shady. The Human Truth™ is: “I like to step over the line, but only in short bursts.”™ What this generally means is: I’m not above the law… I just want to do things my way.

If that means stretching the rules to see what you can get away with then, so be it. I realize anyone using the freedom flask would probably go to the bathroom rather than be seen filling their cup from their crotch on the dance floor, but I would probably think it was hilarious if they were so confidently blatant. Then again, I’m pretty weird and permissive.  Heck, I think Bear Grylls is hot and he drinks the real thing!

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