One of my friends Facebook status says it all: “Draw Something is taking over my life.”

That was quickly replied to by a bunch of her friends who commented:

“Me too!!”
“You play! Woot! I shall start a game with you!”
“Me too it’s so sad”

I’m not exactly sure how many of my friends are playing this Pictionary-esque game, but lemme tell ya… It’s A LOT.  The figures speak for themselves:

“At the beginning of February New York-based game maker OMGPOP launched Draw Something for Apple and Android mobile devices. Less than two months later, the game has been downloaded more than 35 million times, its players have created almost three billion drawings and the company behind the game, OMGPOP has been snapped up by the developer of the popular FarmVille and CityVille games for a rumoured $210 million US. Draw Something has rocketed to the top of Apple’s app lists, been named the No. 1 free app, the No. 1 paid app and the No. 1 word game in more than 80 countries. With more than 13 million daily active users, Draw Something tops Words With Friends, Zynga’s most popular social game. On its launch day Draw Something was chalking up three drawings per second, now Draw Something aficionados — some call themselves addicts — are creating as many as 3,000 drawings per second. “Hopelessly addicted to the app Draw Something. And no, I’m not going to tell you my username. I draw like a … person who draws badly …” tweeted British actor and writer Stephen Fry. “Draw Something is like Crack,” posted the Lenzman, deejay and producer Teije van Vliet.”

The reason I have put this incredibly popular app in the DVR Lifestyle™ wave is because of a tweet that made me chuckle: “Hey guys… We all know that Draw Something is a kids game, right?”

The DVR Lifestyle™ wave is about not letting age define you.

The Human Truth™ is: “I want to pick the good parts.”™ This wave is for people who don’t think age is a stigma. They can fast forward, pause or rewind their interests and activities, just like watching a DVR at home.

When it comes to doodling on a touchscreen, I know from first hand experience, that a 7 year old would do better many of my friends at drawing ANYTHING!  Yet that’s not stopping our smartphone finger painting addiction!  Weeee!

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