I saw this really clever digital short on Vimeo about a guy who’s constant texts, bleeps, email alerts etc. turn into music.  It serves as a clever showcase for his obvious talent but it’s also a pertinent comment on the perpetually plugged in lives we lead these days.

“Cool-stuff-maker Chris Crutchfield, creator of the “modern musical” Digitals, provides some context for his short film: One day I got an email, an sms, a phone call, a Facebook message and two tweets all within about 5 seconds of one another. This video is a re-manifestation of my brain’s interpretation of that event. #trustory “

Check it out, it’s not too long:   DIGITALS by Chris Crutchfield

That sets us up for another young man’s project -which I found really compelling.  Jake Reilly took a 90 day vacation from email, the Internet, cell phones, and other aspects of modern communication and documented his experience in a short video: “The Amish Project.”

Initially, he found it hard and his friends were annoyed by the extra lengths they had to go to in order to stay in touch.  Yet, as time past he relaxed into this new pace of life. He found himself being so much more creative and his experiences became richer.  He had so much more time on his hands that ended up becoming “quality time”.  For this 90 day experiment Jake had immersed himself in the Moment Momentum™ wave.  This wave is firmly rooted in the Self-Actualization tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy, for good reason.

When we slow down and enjoy the view for a moment we gain so much.  With so much to distract us these days many people don’t even know, or have forgotten, what introspection feels like.  The Human Truth™ of the Moment Momentum™ wave is:  “One must take time to reflect.”™  This video inspired me to do that more often.  It reminded me that in the quiet, calm spaces, is when my best ideas come.


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