Have you noticed more and more people talking about Pinterest lately? Do you think it’s just an online scrapbook or “vision board”? If that’s the case, think again:

Pinterest is the hottest thing in social content curation right now and has been billed as one of the top web properties in 2012, even though it still remains invite only. So what is Pinterest? It’s a visual curation site where you can create boards for the things that interest you. And those boards, probably say more about what you’re really interested in than any other site. For business, recent research has shown that Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined! For the more visual brands out there, it’s another network to make sure they are a part of but there are clear traffic driving benefits. Brands like GAP, Whole Foods, Threadless and even General Electric are leading the way so far. It’s the greatest indication yet that the social graph is morphing in to the interest graph.”

Another kind of social curation site has garnered the “49th Most Innovative Company in the World by Fast Company Magazine.”

OpenSky is a platform that allows celebrities to endorse their favorite products to their fans. Which may spell the end to those annoying “sponsored tweets” that can clog your twitter feed.

“It’s a living, breathing shop built just for you,” says John Caplan, founder and CEO of OpenSky, a retail platform that lets users receive a Twitter-like feed of recommended products from high-profile curators they choose to follow. Within months of its launch, the site is generating $500,000 a week in sales and creating a new kind of shopping experience for its 1 million members–and the celebrities who inspire them.”

The We Are Family™ wave is about people with common interests coming together and sharing with each other. The Human Truth™ is: “When I’m here, it feels like home.”™  Both these sites have managed to engage peoples personal passions in way that goes beyond just clicking a “like” button. Pinterest is a refuge from facebook feeds cluttered with over-sharing posts, its a place of pure expression of interests and ideas and the ideas of the people you choose to connect with on there. Even though the images will link you back to the source should you choose to buy whatever it is, it doesn’t feel like advertising. That, to me, is why Social Curation/Commerce is a trend to watch closely.

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