Nike has upgraded it’s Nike + SportBand with a sleek 20 LED dot-matrix display that measures activity, calling it Nike+ FuelBand. It’s a watch-like device that displays vital information including calories burned, distance, pace and time and synchs with your smart phone so you can set daily goals. One of the tag lines is “The key to doing more is knowing more.”

“The NikeFuel is designed to progressively fill up its row of colorful LED’s as and when one gets closer to their targets. The Nike+ FuelBand is going to start taking pre-orders for $150”

The Nike+ FuelBand is designed for anyone who wants to be more active. It measures your daily activity and turns it all into NikeFuel. So you can set a goal for every day and then go out and beat it. “Life is a sport. Make it Count.”

The Body Warranty™ wave is about getting the most out of your body. In this wave we find people that want to strive beyond limits. The Human Truth™ is: “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ This sport band is a way to track your achievements and goals which is motivating in itself. They got the timing of it’s release right because it’s right after the holidays when people are trying to keep their new years resolutions. Personally, for $150, I’d want it to do the exercising FOR ME…  I’ve never been described as “the athletic” type.  However, seeing how daily activity adds up would be very cool.

Check out the video here.


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