I this found this “saucy number” over at AdWeek, have you seen it yet?

Liquid-Plumr has a product called Double Impact. So, really, what choice did DDB San Francisco have but to create the innuendo-stuffed spot below with a housewife who daydreams about two plumbers double-teaming her clog by “snaking her drain” and “flushing her pipe.” I suppose you have to hand it to the Clorox brand—they just went for it. The view count is climbing toward 1 million, though the brand might be cringing at the comments that are piling up on YouTube. (“It’s funny because it’s like she was going toget double penetrated,” observes one visitor. And that’s one of the tamer responses.) But really, what did they expect?”

When I first saw it, I was all indignant about how overt and lame the innuendo was – I mean the old “Hello m’am, I’m here to clean your pipes” jag has been around as long as I can remember, but in 2012? That’s what we’ve got for a drain cleaner??

Then I thought about the Suggestive Selling™ wave, and how it’s messaging that relies on sexuality to draw interest. It reminded me of how imbalanced it really is when it comes to men being portrayed as sexual objects as opposed to women. So now I’m all like… HECK YES CUTIES- COME CLEAN MY PIPES! CLEAN EM’ GOOOOOD.

I mean, think about it. We are saturated with sexualized images of women shilling everything from cars (btw I actually think Fiat’s latest ad is pretty great) to Carl’s Jr hamburgers and plenty of things in between. However, when I try to think of the opposite – without putting overly serious thought into it, I come up with buff (probably gay) Calvin Klein models and the Old Spice Guy who, although very good looking, offers up more humor than sex… the only thing he’s really riding is a horse.

My point is, female sexuality has been used to sell things -probably since we began to, well …Sell things. I recently found this long buried Eastern European ad selling ice cream in an overt/creepy way from the early 70’s. It made me realize that we’ve come about as far with equality in Suggestive Selling™ as we have with men deciding our reproductive rights in this day and age. So roll out the beef cake boys! We’ve got some catching up to do!

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