“Burger King has begun testing home delivery at a handful of restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area.  The success of the program will eventually lead to a nationwide rollout.   A few restrictions apply: Customers must live within a 10-minute drive from a BK location, and a $2 delivery charge will be tacked on to orders below the minimum total of $8 to $10.

Every whopper and fries will be hand-delivered to your door within 30 minutes or less using “new delivery packaging technology” engineered to keep your food warm from the grill to your gullet.”

Ok I’m gonna go against the grain here. Every article I’ve read about Burger King exploring home delivery has been fairly negative. Eg: “Just what this country needs: a Whopper and fries delivered to its front door.” or “disastrous for a country struggling with an ever-expanding collective waistline.”

Look, I know we have an obesity problem but I don’t think it rests solely the QSR industry to fix it.  There’s many factors at play – especially psychological and societal reasons. Furthermore, where’s the personal responsibility? You don’t have to dial that delivery line!

Here’s a recent study that found that the highest percentage of fast food customers are actually middle class families with fast paced and activity-packed lifestyles… Not the poor and unhealthy, as many people think is the case.

Here’s a blog I wrote about that.

This is a perfect example of Pop Up Lifestyle™. It’s literally fulfilling the Human Truth™ which is: “Meet me where I am.”™ You may think I’m not railing on this because I can be lazy sometimes and I love Whoppers. Fair enough. Like I said, you don’t have to dial the number. I personally wont dial it all the time, but for that “once in a while moment” when I don’t want to get dressed and leave my comfort zone- I’m all for it!

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