This may well become a major break-through for the food industry.

A new proof-of-concept study conducted by food safety researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia has demonstrated that plasma can be used to kill bacteria on uncooked poultry, vegetables and other foods. The treatment could change the future of the food and restaurant industry as removing harmful bacteria before it reaches a consumer’s home or a business can reduce the risk of cross-contamination during food preparation.”

Apparently, upwards of 70% of chicken meat can be found to have Campylobacter and Salmonella . When contaminated samples are treated with cold plasma, the bacteria was almost completely eliminated.

No heat is used in the process so it doesn’t cook the food.

“Treating raw meat products to remove pathogens before they reach a consumer’s home can reduce the risk of cross contamination during food preparation, according to senior author Dr. Jennifer Quinlan, an assistant professor in Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. “If you could reduce contamination on the raw chicken, then you wouldn’t have it in the kitchen,” Quinlan said.”

At this stage the plasma technology is currently quite expensive and while it could have so many ramifications for the food industry, it currently isn’t being developed for processing on a large scale. I hate to use a cringe-worthy term, but if that can be done, we might be seeing a real “game changer”.

The Guarding™ wave is where we get proactive.  The Human Truth™ is: “If something is after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™  When it comes to food poisoning and the massive expense of food recalls, I’m sure the the public and food manufacturers would welcome a zap of Cold Plasma.

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