Sometimes a piece comes along that can fit into several CultureWaves™. This is one of them. What we have here is a nail polish aimed squarely at men which made me immediately think: Yin Yang Blend™: “I see the line between sexes as blurred.”™

But then I checked out the site and thought whoa! They REALLY want this product to seem manly, which led me to Guys and Dolls™ which is about the extremes of the sexes: “Give me my power tools!” “Give me my power frills!”™

Then I read: “SEX. Get more of it” and saw pic of a swimsuit clad woman being thrown over a dudes shoulder as her scantily clad butt is featured with the tag line: “Swagger. Do it because you can.”

That settled it. Definitely going in Suggestive Selling™.

The Suggestive Selling™ wave is about unashamedly appealing to the reproductive instinct on a visual level. The Human Truth™ is: “I can’t help looking at what’s hot.”™

With other copy like: “Are you a modern warrior? A macho man who could punch a hole in a cement wall while simultaneously banging three girls at the same time?”

They ain’t playin’!

There’s even a part of the site that explains Peacocking– The Pick Up Artist’s Secret Weapon.” Which is essentially dressing in an eye-catching way in order to attract attention and spark conversation with women. Yes, Alpha Nail is definitely at home in the Suggestive Selling™ wave.

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