There’s a really cute viral video doing the rounds of a little girl in the “girls” section of a toy store, surrounded by pink packaging and dolls, asking her father why the boys toys look different and are separated in another section.

“Why do you think that is Riley?” Asks her father. “Well, the companies that makes these toys try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff, instead of stuff the boys want to buy, right?”

Apart from her little frustrated rant being adorably cute, she makes a very deep point that one London based toy store has taken to heart.

Hamleys has removed “sexist” signs dividing its toys into boys and girls departments after being accused of gender stereotyping. The world famous London toy store has scrapped pink and blue signs and replaced them with gender neutral red and white ones. The Regent Street store now categories toys by interest and type rather than whether they are aimed at boys or girls after an online campaign.”

Little Riley is already quite a self actualized young lady, who in her naive way, is concerned about gender politics. She understands what the Yin Yang Blend™ wave is all about.  It’s about balancing the sexes. The Human Truth™ is: “We see the line between the sexes as dotted.”™ I personally like the direction Hamley’s has taken. I think when we categorize girls and boys toys so distinctly we send a message about what is “right” or “normal”.

Like little Riley says: “Some girls like super heroes and some boys like princesses!”. Here’s to a future where kids can be attracted to things based solely on their personal interests, and not which aisle of the store it’s in.

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