College is a busy time. You’re either cramming, rushing off to class or sleeping away a hangover… who has time for grocery shopping? For that matter, who can afford them? Well, this start up is wanting to connect people who are time-poor with people who are…well…poor.

NeighborFavor, a site that lets college students earn cash by helping each other with their shopping. Focusing primarily on fast food and grocery delivery, NeighborFavor lets college students see where their friends are going shopping and then request that one of them pick something up while they’re out. Along the way, they must indicate not just what they need and when they need the items, but also how much of a “tip” they’re willing to pay for that convenience. Once a neighbor has accepted the request and delivered the needed items, payments are made via PayPal and neighbors can rate each other’s performance. A 3-digit PIN is assigned to each favor to ensure that payments are made accurately as agreed.”

Filling The Void™ is about finding a solution when you can’t do, or get, what you really want. The Human Truth is: “It’s what I do to get by.”™ That’s a sentiment I remember very well from college days. NeighborFavor is plugging into the needs of students. It’s a company that helps them deal with what they lack, which is usually: time, food and money.

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