I’m one of those people that “runs cold”… perhaps you know someone who has cold extremities. Especially in the winter, my hands and feet can be used as icy weapons against my warm blooded friends. So as lovely as wooden floor boards look and as trendy as polished concrete floors are, I just prefer the warmth and feeling of carpet. So if I was in the market for a new carpet, I would be checking out EgeCarpets. They have launched “Out of Nature” -a digital print carpet collection.

“Out of Nature is an innovative carpet collection that emerged from a desire to bring the rustic beauty of nature inside as part of a building’s interior design. The collection’s expressive, photographic design adds character to a room, as well as providing good acoustics and comfort underfoot.  Out of Nature is available both as a wall-to-wall concept and as customized carpet. The collection consists of 14 different designs and is manufactured from 100% polyamide in ege’s HL 910 quality, a very high-quality and hard-wearing carpet.”

Ok so, we have photo-realistic carpets inspired by stones, wood and natural textures. This is a simplistic example of Green Echo™ design. Green Echo™ is about imitating nature, and we often see many high concept examples of biomimicry in this wave.

However, it’s not always about science and technology.  Sometimes, this wave just encourages us to simply draw inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature. After all, she is a spectacular muse.

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