Heineken came up with a cheeky promotional idea for the festive season. They launched a fancy keg called BeerTender that lets you pull fresh draft beer at home for $99. However, they acknowledge that it’s not really the time of year to buy yourself gifts.  Yeah, that whole “season of giving” thing.   So they have come up with a way to disguise the purchase as a present.

They set up a facebook page that will pair you up with someone else that’s wants it, then once you purchase, they make it look like it came from them. It will arrive gift wrapped and it even comes with a personalized card.

Not only is this a humorous way to sell a product,  it also builds a community of people who are into the brand. It’s an example worthy of the Living Vicariously™ wave. This is where we find things that are a kind of a “back up plan”. It’s about relying on substitutes to make us feel better. In this case, Heineken are helping you feel better about your “self-gifting” in a fun way. Click here to learn more about “Beerfriending”.

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