I came across a study that really challenged my perception about who eats fast food. I’ll go ahead and admit that if I was asked what demographic frequents fast food chains I would have guessed a lower socio-economic one. I’m sure I’m not alone in my assumption. It’s a fairly common notion that fast-food is to blame for higher rates of obesity among the poor. Well, I’m not doubting that eating a bunch of junk food contributes to being over weight,  I am however, intrigued to know the relationship between fast food and the middle class.

The study, which is published online in Population Health Management, shows that fast-food dining actually becomes more common when earnings increase from low to middle incomes. And the reason seems to be a case of Pop Up Lifestyle™, where the Human Truth™ is: “Meet me where I am.”™

“the fast-food industry attracts the middle class by locating restaurants right off freeways in middle-income areas and by offering products that appeal to a large proportion of Americans. “Low prices, convenience, and free toys target the middle class — especially budget-conscious, hurried parents — very well,”

There you have it. Overwrought soccer moms, tired dads, crying kids that want a toy. In other words, convenience. When you pull into a drive thru, it’s usually because that’s the easiest option, and importantly, you know what you’re going to get. No surprises or disappointment. Pop Up lifestyle™ is about meeting consumers in their comfort zones. The middle class seems to want quick, easy and above all cheap solutions right now.  Does your product, service or brand make Mom & Dad’s life easier?

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