We may have a case of this topic becoming the “default fluff piece”, because lately there has been a lot of stories about men adopting fashion that is usually designated as feminine.

In recent weeks I’ve seen stories about: “mandals” (male sandals), “murses” (purses), “mantyhose” (pantyhose), “mankinis” (swimsuit variants), “manties” (male panties), “manscara” (male mascara)

Now we have Guylashes….yep, male eyelashes.

Eylure – a brand endorsed by Girls Aloud and stocked in stores across the UK from Boots to Harrods – are selling fake eyelashes for men priced at £4.75 a pair.Wearers can choose from thick or fine varieties,which are designed to be discreet with invisible clear plastic sticky strips and both styles promise to recreate that ‘Hollywood gaze’.

You may be forgiven in thinking this is just the media having a “who has a clickable headline” competition, but the figures don’t lie.

“It is yet another sign that men are becoming more image conscious. According to market research company Euromonitor, U.S. consumers spent $4.8 billion on men’s grooming products in 2009, double the $2.4 billion recorded in 1997.”

Any music fan understands that it’s not just a “gay thing”. Its a form of expression that doesn’t like rules. The people that embrace the Yin Yang Blend™ wave know the Human Truth™ of this wave: “We see the line between sexes as dotted.”™

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