Tom Ford seems to have three careers. One is a famous fashion designer, then he turned his hand to film directing… and the third seems to be making feminists furious with his photoshoots.

This latest one is no exception.

Yes,  that’s him sniffing a fragrance tester pulled from a models butt crack.
He has had so many magazine shoots and ad campaigns that court controversy… many of them way too NSFW to even link too. Russian GQ have named him its International Man Of The Year (this pic is from their article), but I will call him the poster child for Suggestive Selling™.

This wave is about appealing our basic animal instincts. Most of us can’t help looking at whats hot, even if we ultimately disapprove. Catching the eye is what any campaign could hope for but most brands don’t want to court such controversy. Not everyone believes the “any publicity is good publicity” line.

Suggestive Selling™ is constantly pushing what we will allow on our billboards and magazine pages.

A good campaign should embody a brand’s values and “personality” and Tom Ford is unapologetic about expressing his.


  1. Guest

    This is not an ad, it is a photo shoot for a magazine article in Russian GQ.

  2. sally

    You’re absolutely right and I have made the edits. Thank you!

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