The Human Truth of the Living Vicariously wave is: “To me, that was almost real.”™

Here is a website that has put this wave to work in an engaging way.

Most everyone I know, myself included, whines about making ends meet. We grumble about the cost of gas and whether to upgrade iphone now or wait for iphone 5 etc.

Perhaps we all need a reality check? Well here it is:

SPENT is a project that seeks to get people really thinking about the realities of poverty. 

“…now you can play a game that lets you feel what it’s like to be poor — for free! “Spent” is a free browser-based game that attempts to raise awareness about poverty circumstances in the USA. You can choose a job (server, warehouse worker or temp), and attempt to survive for 30 days of being super-poor. Will you have your pet put to sleep to save money, or pay the $400 in veterinary bills? Will you let your gas or your electricity get shut off this month? Will you enroll your child in a sports program, when it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars in lost hours at work, not to mention equipment costs?”

I have to admit… after playing I feel pretty “gutted”. It did exactly what it set out to do and not only am I terrified of unemployment more than ever, but I have more empathy for those that are struggling. Living Vicariously™ is about experiencing danger with out the fear of consequences. I have now experienced in a small, safe way… the pain and frustration that 14 millions unemployed Americans must be feeling.  This site accomplished it’s goals, in my humble opinion. Would you survive?  Are you up to the challenge?

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