The Human Truth™ of Suggestive Selling™ is:  “I can’t help looking at what’s hot”™.
Victoria’s Secrets latest campaign is banking on that to be true.  Of course, they have built their empire on sexiness… no other lingerie house has the most beautiful women in the world walking half naked down the runway at an annual television event that draws millions of viewers, so no big surprises there.

But I thought the recent use of QR Codes on their posters and billboards was really quite clever.  QR Codes haven’t really been mainstreaming as fast a s first predicted.  You have to download a scanning app and sometimes they can be a bit sketchy to scan if you don’t get it at the right angle… and sometimes the pay off isn’t anything as interesting or purposeful as you would hope.

Well, I know a lot of guys who would scan this code if they were waiting for a bus or train.  Even though you know they won’t be naked under there…. you just can’t help yourself… you want to peek!  The VAST majority of us… yes, men and women “can’t help looking at what’s hot!”
That’s why “Sex Sells” will always be one of the oldest and longest lasting advertising truisms.

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