Guys & Dolls™ is about ACUTE GENDERIZATION.  Men being macho and women being feminine.
Well a company called Guyhaus is all about the dudes.  Forgetful dudes.  Or dudes who are too busy doing dude stuff to shop for toiletries.

You log onto their site and pick items you typically forget to buy, including shampoo and soap; razor blades; toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash; toilet paper; condoms etc.  All the kinds of things that bum a dude out when they run out.
Then before you can crack open a cold one your monthly man-essentials deliveries will begin!  Awesome doooooode!

Of course you can modify supplies and delivery dates depending on how fast or slow you go through stuff.  ‘Cause you’ll probably need to step up the condom supply when chicks see how well groomed you are…  amiright Bro? *high five*

The evidence we put into the Guys & Dolls™wave is aimed at people who unapologetically embrace the extreme characteristics of their sex.  “Give me my power tools!” “Give me my power frills”™ is the Human Truth™ because as non-gender specific as many things in society become… there will always be girly-girls and manly men.

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