As the proud new owner of a Macbook Air 13″ I want to share my retail experience at the Apple Store because it’s a great example of Brand Sanctuary™.

Lots of stores have friendly greeters, but not all have iPad in hand ready for any kind of query.  I knew what I was interested in so he took me directly to the two models I wanted to compare.  Everything on display has an “info iPad” now so I began checking out the specs. He said someone would be with me shortly as he pressed the blue apple shirt icon and I saw that I was 2nd in the queue.  As I admired the fine lines and amazing lightness of the Air,  I noticed how busy the store was but all the staff seemed cool, calm and personable.  Passing team members would let me know someone would be with me shortly…  One even recognized me from my acting days and we chatted about my appearance on Lost.

Then my super nice Mac Guy came over and began talking me through the decision process.  We talked through my work and travel plans and and he seemed genuinely interested in my needs and matching the right computer to them.  Once we came to a decision, he rang me up on his portable iPhone-esque transaction device.  Since I was paying some in cash, he went over to a cash drawer cleverly concealed at the end of the wooden display tables.

Once he presented me with my new “baby”, we unwrapped it together so he could walk me through the set up process and help with getting certain things configured.  Being a Mac nerd I probably could have done it myself but it was nice to have someone there in case I needed to ask something.  While this was happening, I was eavesdropping on a very patient “Mac Genius” give a “One-On-One” tutorial to an elderly lady who was learning what a url was and how to type something into google.
I gave him a knowing smile and he didn’t take that chance to roll his eyes at having to “deal with her”, he merely politely smiled back as if to say: “All part of the job.”

I left the store so happy and satisfied with my purchase I felt like hugging someone!  I know good service is not unusual in the United States but I really felt that Apple Store was a welcoming, well oiled, helpful machine.  Brand Sanctuary™ is about BRAND INTEGRITY.  The Human Truth™ is: “I count on your brand not to let me down.”™ I’ve been a fan for 12yrs now and they haven’t let me down yet

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