Ever stood at your wardrobe and let out a defeated sigh?  Sometimes we need a bit of clarity …which usually means a yard sale that gets rid of things we never wear.  Remember the “Oprah Rule”: if you haven’t worn it in two years- get rid of it!!

Well here’s a cool shoe design that is currently in the prototype stage, and I personally hope it takes off.

“The creation of Israeli industrial designer Daniela Bekerman, ze o ze, which translates as ‘this or that’ in Hebrew, is a plain flat shoe that comes with a range of components that connect at the sole. Modular attachments in varying heel sizes take the ballet slipper to a brogue-inspired lace-up or a Mary Jane kitten-heel pump, meaning shoe lovers get more for their money while also offering a practical solution for travelers who need to pack light but still want a selection of looks”

As a traveler, yes, these would work great for me.  However, I really think a lot of people need some Choice Choke™ in their lives lately.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is:  “I don’t need more choices; I need help choosing.”™
Clever fashion designs like this will continue to grow as people want to do more …with less.

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