As the Food Truck wars heat up in Los Angeles, everyone’s looking for an angle… a gimmick that will set them apart from the pack.

Well here’s a textbook case of Suggestive Selling™ and it seems to be working out for these gals. Baby’s Badass Burgers arrived on the scene with hot girls in tiny booty shorts, tight tank tops, and high heels pushing $5 burgers with names like Cougar (beef, black truffles) and the Hot Chick (buffalo chicken with bleu cheese).   Their hot pink van streaks around the west side hot spots, and judging from their website, they are getting lots off attention from the press and celebs alike.

Selling sex & meat was the brainchild of ex-New Yorker restaurateur Erica Cohen and celebrated event planner Lori Barbera.

“It’s been fascinating to witness the trend over the last decade of the gourmet burger being added to many high-end restaurant menus, and even more fascinating to appreciate consumers didn’t blink at an exorbitant $15+ price point,” Cohen explains. “Now, with the recession, that consumer perception around value is reversing course. Baby’s Badass Burgers, which strips out the hard costs of a traditional restaurant, allows us to deliver greater value at a fraction of the cost, more conveniently, without compromising restaurant-level quality. It’s a win-win-win from studio heads to college students to late night revelers looking to satisfy their gourmet burger craving.”

Suggestive Selling™ is exactly how it sounds: “I can’t help looking at what’s hot.”™

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