The kind of things we find in the Body Warranty™ wave are usually fairly “health orientated”.  The Human Truth™ is: “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ Which one would often associate with making “healthy choices”…right?

Well Today I’m gonna challenge that!  How about when your as tired as Rupert Murdoch looks, and you’ve got more work to do than LiLo needs to do to revive her career?

You need a damn strong coffee, am I right??

Well how about the strongest of them all?  40x stronger than average?  My hands are shaking just typing about it.

Created by a UC Berkeley-working physicist who has dubbed this ominous elixir: Black Blood of The Earth.

“Bottles’re available in limited quantities of four sizes (ranging from 375ml to 4L) in a slew of different varieties, including a dark roast from Sumatra, mediums from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Kona, and a mild roast from Panama, which is great to drink when you’re in a Van while it’s Halen. If that’s not enough, he also just added a roast made using the most highly caffeinated bean in the world, which is called Death Wish. Each bottle comes with a how-to-drink guide w/ instructions

The essence of this wave is: “Pushing the body beyond it limits.” I think we all know that sometimes we need more help than usual.

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