“Miss Cakehead (a carefully cooked up alter ego of a freelance creative) considers herself a curator of cake & chaos” …and she must reeeeally love Katy Perry’s California Girls music video.  So much so, she organized a pop up high tea in which every single delicious mouthful could be straight from the screen.

“We were getting our candy floss knickers in a twist about the seemingly endless creative high teas being anything but, so we decided to put our money where our mouths are and create a unique pop up high tea experience that will be both warm, wet and wild and fine, fresh, and fierce.”

If you haven’t seen the clip it’s basically a candy lover’s wet dream.  It’s not hard to understand why someone who is passionate about baking would be inspired by it.

Brandalizm™ is often driven by fans or haters because the wave essence is: Voluntary promotion or destruction of brands. The site has a disclaimer: “We’ve been asked to reiterate that Katy or Will Cotton are NOT involved or endorsing this event in anyway and are happy to do so. “

That’s the key with Brandalizm™.  It’s usually creative people who feel strongly enough to either pay tribute or tear down.

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