Trust Berlin to make staying in a trailer uber cool.  This converted vacuum cleaner factory has been converted into the kind of place I would describe as a “destination hotel”.  The concept is out-the-ordinary and quirky enough to make you want to tell everyone all about it.

The Hüttenpalast has been created by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer.   They have renovated old campsite caravans and built cute little huts that resemble a cubby house, and offered them up as fun budget accommodation.

“Lorenzen and Vollmer are planning to offer more luxurious options as well over the coming months, and are currently in the process of building six en-suite rooms in an adjoining section of the factory. As they say, it’s “maybe not a hotel in the classical sense, but who needs that in Berlin anyway?”

The Human Truth™ of the Living Vicariously™ wave is “That was almost real!”  Many hotels are luring travelers with experiences that are out of the norm- but still safe and comfortable enough to be inviting.  I can’t really say the trailer park in my neighborhood can claim the same chic factor 😉

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