I may not have a sweet tooth but I love the cleverness of these cute treats.  It really feels like people (food bloggers) are trying to out do each other with creativity and quirkiness lately.

Here are some examples that fall into the Brandalizm™ wave.  Brandalizm™ is about “volunteer promotion or destruction of brands.”  Usually these ideas are born out of love or hate for the brand.  I’m thinking these sweet comestibles are on the love side of things.

You have agree that this Big Mac macaroon is all kinds of awesome.  I’m calling it… I think macaroons are the new cupcakes, incidentally.  Anyway, if you want to have a crack at making it yourself such and such has given you the recipe here.

Gizmodo featured these iPhone chocolates:  “The 20-piece box set includes 4 different flavors, and the artwork on each icon isn’t a wrapper, but is actually printed in edible ink directly onto the chocolates. Each box will set you back $46.44, but that’s without a contract so it’s quite literally a lot easier to swallow than buying the real thing.

How about these cute Twitter & Facebook cookies!! The gal who made them said she’s been inundated with requests.

The Human Truth™ of Brandalizm™ is “You don’t own your brand, I do.”™ And even though that can result in negative press sometimes, in these cases, it’s actually a super sweet homage.

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