The man that too beautiful to be topless!!

The Daily Mail reports: “Barnes & Noble is said to have told Dossier’s distributor that it would have to forfeit the order or agree to a covering concealing the image. It said that though it understood that Mr Pejic was male and not female, ‘the model is young and it could be deemed as a naked female’.”

No denying, anyone glancing around a Barnes & Noble would automatically assume that the cover is a topless woman.  Andrej is the toast of the fashion world because of his stunning androgyny.  This Aussie boy is a long way from his working class suburb of Melbourne.  He has set Paris on fire, appearing in both the male and female Gaultier runway shows.

I personally think the censorship is dumb, however, I don’t think artful images of women should be censored either… oh how “bohemian” of me!  I do however, like the debate this has brought up though.  In one of current event show interviews about Mr. Pejic, a designer mentions how androgyny is so “in” right now, when asked why, the answer was: “who knows…that’s fashion!”.

The Yin Yang Blend™ wave is filled with similar evidence.  Whether there is some deep social imperative at work or it simply being a case of society becoming more accepting of gender bending, I for one, think it’s great that we can celebrate beauty in all it’s forms.  As the Human Truth™ for this wave says: “We see the line between sexes as dotted.”

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