Here’s an eye-catching campaign that fits nicely in the Living Vicariously™ wave.

It’s called “Become Someone Else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu” by Lithuania based Love Agency.  The print ads seek to encourage people to lose themselves in literature.  Apparently the bookstore is known for their classic novel specialty, so the characters that the models are “becoming” are quite iconic.

I’m not going to be a petty pants and point out that the concept is “borrowed” from a popular blog (sleeveface) that does the same thing with album covers.  (Whoops I just did!  Well, geeze, I have a “thing” about how much advertising is just re-appropriated net culture… It’s like, someone’s getting paid the big bucks and they’re not even coming up with original ideas!! Grrrr)

Anyway, moving on.

Suggesting people “become someone else” is a smart way to encourage reading because that’s precisely what happens when we get lost in a great book.  We get to experience things with out the fear of consequences.  That’s why this wave is the Safety tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy.  I know that when I need to recharge from technology-laden lifestyle I definitely love to dive into a book as a form of escapism.

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