Everywhere seems to be talking about it, from the Wall Street Journal to foodie blogs across the country. Our love affair with the cupcake is going out on a limb for something new. And it’s taking meatloaf, lasagna and casserole dishes with it.

There’s something alluring about comfort food, and it’s probably got a lot to do with the times we’re living in. It’s an effective and simple form of escapism. Now, take comfort food and turn it upside down, then you have something new with a sense of familiarity. You don’t see many adults sitting at a five star restaurant ordering Mac and Cheese from the blue box, instead its lobster mac and cheese; or mac and five cheese.

There’s something about changing the form or the ingredients that give adults permission to eat something that’s normally catered to children or what you’d find in your parents house (but that you’d never tell your co-workers you spent 20 minutes gorging on.) Meatloaf Bakery has been playing with the new form comfort food concept for a while, and a catering company named Heirloom-LA is getting a lot of press for their lasagna cupcakes.

Time will tell how far it goes, but if it’s anything like the rise of the cupcake, who knows how far we’ll see it move. After all, a few years ago we saw chocolate covered meats and bacon starting to appear in everything and look where it’s at now.

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