Yes, that’s not the word you want to be attached to “& the City” but research is starting to show that the fast paced life you either loathe or love is having its own effects on your brain.

I’ll touch on this note in somewhat of a personal story. Being in Japan was one of the most fascinating and tiring points of my life. There is so much to do, so much overstimulation and nowhere to escape it. Having made Roppongi Hills my stomping grounds I got adjusted to the coveted use of grass and trees to break up the concrete metropolis, but I always had headaches.

It turns out, that studies are suggesting that the overstimulation of a busy life in a city is leading to mental illness. They say that people who spend a majority of their life in the concrete jungle have problems holing onto things mentally, and that the stress leads to increased bad moods which in turn lead to a permanent negative mindset when being in a city.

However, the same study came to find that just seeing a patch of grass could help reduce these feelings. So if the simple life isn’t for you, or perhaps you can’t bear to be parted with your nightlife; just go find a park and spend some time not thinking about your busy world.

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