When I saw this picture of a “protest” against Yellow Pages it really struck a chord with me. I seriously can’t remember the last time I ever opened one! I may have used one to prop a door open or squish a bug. But seriously, who uses them anymore? OK, OK. I can hear you saying “not everyone’s on the net Sally.”

Why can’t you opt-in or opt-out of delivery? It’s waste!

Well, here’s a Green Hot™ piece that went into the Thought Bank the other day that makes a lot of sense to me. Starbucks asked the public for ideas on how to reduce waste. One of the winning concepts was rewards for BYO cups. A spokes person said “increasing adoption of reusable cups – including travel tumblers and our own ceramic serveware – is definitely an important part of the equation for us.

So many Green Hot solutions are simple! And, as one of my favorite songs says, “from little things, big things grow.”

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