The title of this post is a tweet (no, not from Mel Gibson) from an unborn baby!

Now before you roll your eyes at this as another oversharing moment on Twitter, hear me out.  I really see this a great example of our Wave Yin Yang Blend™.

It’s a belt that monitors a babies kicking in the womb and sends a tweet every time the little tyke gets all “Karate Kid”.  Ok, I agree that if you let these tweets go out to your entire online community of friends, family, and tweeps you can totally expect to be blocked and defriended.

However, to me the point is sharing the experience of pregnancy with the Daddy (or the other Mommy: coz we roll inclusive here at CultureWaves).

In fact, that is why Kickbee™ founder Corey Menscher was inspired to create it for his then pregnant wife.  He say’s he wanted tohelp dads get in on some of the action that moms feel 24/7 during pregnancy. In a perfect world, when your baby kicks, you might grab your husband’s hand to place it on your belly so he can experience one of your baby’s first movements, too. Well, at least some of the time. But what if he’s at work, or if you’re at work, or if he’s serving in Iraq, or if you’re traveling cross country? Dad misses out on the one-of-a-kind experience. So Mensher wanted to come up with a way to connect parents during pregnancy even when they can’t be in kicking distance of each other.”

I think this is a great way of utilizing existing communication tools to not only “Blur the line between the sexes” but share experiences that create deeper connections.  Now perhaps some sadist out there will come up with a device that emulates the pain of child birth!  Coz I’m sure you’d be into sharing that feeling…. right guys??

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