Lots of us like to hit the metaphorical fast forward or rewind button.  The Human Truth™ of DVR Lifestyle™ is about “Picking the good parts.”

Well I’ve noticed a few brands increasing their reach by upping their “cool factor”.

A great example is the rad new look that Disney characters have: “Disney has been really good about expanding their brand to include things that would appeal to hipsters of all ages. For the last decade or more everything from their films to their toys, their couture jewelry and collectibles have included modern artsy versions in addition to the classic ones. The latest are their new soft plush toys that were inspired by the urban vinyl toy culture. The modern looking 12″ tall toys called Pook-A-Looz (okay, so the name sucks) were designed to capture the personalities of iconic Disney characters in an edgy, offbeat way.”

Chiquita Banana also updated their image not long ago.  I personally love the new look and can see people wanting to collect all the new “characters.”

Whether it’s the packaging or the actual product or service, widening the appeal is always a great way to approach a “makeover.”  There are definitely people in every age bracket who “think age has nothing to do with how I act or feel.”

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