I have written before how Target is a company that’s not afraid to try new things.  So it’s not surprising that they are testing an interesting coupon phone app.  This is the kind of thing I would use… as much I appreciate a bargain but am not going to sit ‘n’ clip.

The opt-in program will provide Target shoppers with a customized webpage on their mobile phones, with all offers scannable at checkout via a single barcode.”

With the recession we’ve seen a rise in coupon clipping—almost to the point of becoming a competitive sport.  Smartphone applications have also taken off like crazy.

So this is where two trends have converged in a way that one can only expect will work. Because, as we are seeing a lot of the evidence in Pop-Up Lifestyle™, when you “meet people where they are”, fill their needs and make their lives more convenient, they are so much more likely to adopt a product or behavior.

P.S. Not really related but I wanted to mention Jean Paul Gaultier for Target. Wow, the affordable luxury trend just keeps trucking!

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