HSBC Holdings plc is a multi-national banking corporation that is taking a PR beating thanks to a cheeky social media company that decided to use it as an example of how potent online public opinion can be.

Definitely not an official site by any means, it’s quite simple – they pull in mentions of HSBC from the Twittersphere, then classifies them as a Fail or a Win for the bank and compiles the results in the fail pie chart, pictured.

Here’s a sample: “I hate HSBC with the biggest dissatisfied passion. Don’t tell me one thing and then tell me something completely different. ANGER” from tfooksbale

“HSBC must have the worst online banking / customer service in the world. How have they not collapsed yet?” from JGoldsteinNYC


As of 2009, HSBC is both the world’s largest banking group and the world’s 6th largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine.  My gut tells me this site could be just like an annoying fly at the picnic for them but it made me think about the Human Truth™ of Brandalizm

““You don’t own your brand, I do.”™

Twitter and other social networking sites have taken public opinion sharing to a level that has not previously existed.  That’s great news if your brand is being praised but can be a sobering reality check if it’s not.  Bottom line is: you have no control of this… the only thing to do is not give these blabber mouths any ammunition!  Have you done a “realtime mention” search of your brand or company lately?

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