New Scientology Commerical: Life

To be brutally honest, I don’t believe little aliens living inside of me would be essential to better “know myself”, or certainly not helpful to those on some spiritual journey. But who are we to judge right? Scientology, like other religions, seeks to help others find the meaning of life, because Without meaning, what’s the point? Personal direction is at the heart of every self-improvement product out there from motivational books to yoga classes to religion in general. And call it a religion or a cult, Scientology and its latest release of slick new commercials falls under our Inner Balance™ wave with a loud splash.

Three new commercials have been fired off and I must say, I was impressed. While the first commercial does start off with a $500,000 car , we got to hand it to their marketing team –they’ve managed to make quite a connection between all the things that make up….life. Using the tagline “Know yourself. Know life”… these commercials actually relay Lennon’s famous quote: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” (If you’d like to see an older commercial –caution –click here.)

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