It’s like the wedding band for men to remember anniversaries, literally heating up on that special day and helping avoid catastrophic drama from the angry wife screaming, “How could you!”

Actually, we think this is better and much more practical in nature: An iphone app that allows men to keep track of women’s much more frequented menstrual cycle.

Drawing from the free online service PMS Buddy, the site has more than 150,000 registered users whilst claiming that its “saving relationships, one month at a time!” Obviously, the site can be used by women to monitor their own cycle as well, but forewarning men of their partners impending PMS-related issues sounds like the better pitch.

Regardless of the sex of the person using this, however, the bottom line is that this is all out acute genderization, taking something something that solely belongs to women and helping others become more sensitive to her needs, giving both guys and girls a power tool to stay one step ahead for their own well being.

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