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Here’s the thing: “Scientists believe a common heart medicine may be able to banish fearful memories from the mind. The Dutch investigators believe beta-blocker drugs could help people suffering from the emotional after-effects of traumatic experiences.”  Sounds hunky dory right?  Erasing painful thoughts is certainly a PACIFIER…

But when does something go from being a “pacifier” to something more serious?

ie: A lobotomy is also a very effective pacifier too.

Some doctor’s know exactly where I’m coming from  They say: the procedure might also alter good memories and warned against an “accelerated Alzheimer’s” approach. “Removing bad memories is not like removing a wart or a mole. It will change our personal identity since who we are is linked to our memories. It may perhaps be beneficial in some cases, but before eradicating memories, we must reflect on the knock-on effects that this will have on individuals, society and our sense of humanity.”

I understand the need to treat PTSD and other mental trauma.  I’m merely using this article as an example of how PACIFIERS have the potential to become “NUMB-ers” in our recession panicked, push button, pill popping, reactionary society these days.  It’s interesting to note the change of evidence in this wave over the last few quarters. It’s gone from gadgets to keep you warm at your desk to a huge spike in drugs and prostitution on Wall Street.  Just sayin…

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