A year ago we saw the reverse graffiti work of Paul Curtis, who would wash messages onto the dirty surfaces of cars, streets, and walls throughout Leeds, England. It made for interesting street art seeing the contrast between the dirty and cleaner surfaces, and just as interesting was the British authority’s inability to react to it.

Something that a company called CURB, however, had no problem with. In fact, they actually monetized the idea, meshing Green Hot with green $$. Integrating marketing with nature (or sites natural in our everyday lives) the agency brings brands to the feet of its targeted consumers –literally.

Curb is the first and only agency in the world to offer bespoke media solutions using solely natural earth elements. We have created a portfolio of unique eco-advertising services and a crack ‘green-team’ of creative experts, that provide brands with outstanding natural solutions which impact on their target consumer without impacting on the environment. –viamind-the-curb1

We’ve seen the surge of companies rushing to jump on the “we’re green!” bandwagon, with unsubstantiated and farfetched claims of being “environmentally friendly” or “sustainably sourced” suddenly stamped on their products. CURB has helped brands find natural media solutions in their marketing, stating

“we believe that it’s not just what you say in your communications but also the medium you use”.

We couldn’t agree more. Consumers appreciate brands getting creative and showing respect for mother earth not only by decreasing its carbon footprint, but by helping cleaning it up as well (even if it is just enough to make a silhouette of a logo). Putting “I’m green with or without you” from mouth to foot, may CURB continue to promote brands in its reverse graffiti tactics one sidewalk at a time.

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