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We generally tend to think of “giving back” in terms of volunteerism, charity, donations or activism. Those fighting for a rightful cause and collecting funds to improve the quality of life for others, both man and animal, find fulfillment in knowing they’ve helped make a difference.

However, we believe there are other ways in which giving back and fulfillment can be found as well, and that’s through doing nothing more than creating awareness. That’s it. No funds to be raised, no donation hotline to call, no mobilizing the masses or volunteering free time –just a ‘hey, in case you didn’t know’.

And for the Noble Peace Center based in Norway, creating awareness for the most daunting social problems facing our civilization today is what it does very well. Their multimedia exhibition “The Places We Live” is a powerful digital display “challenging viewers to reflect on what it means to live in a city in the 21 century.”

Visiting four slums across the world the Nobel Peace Center gives us a shockingly close encounter into the lives of slum dwellers,  whose numbers are liken to double from 1 billion to 2 billion within the next 25 years, making a 1/3 of the total urban population on earth. Using photographs, digital recording of conversations and life-size 360 degree rotating panorama screens viewers can check out the traveling exhibition for themselves online.

To the crew at Nobel Peace responsible for making the multimedia installation, we salute you. Giving meaning to life is not only about what we have to offer the world, but appreciating life and  acknowledging there are those less fortunate. For giving the world the gift of insight between the haves and have not’s, the Noble Peace Center is making the world a better place one visual at a time.

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