Hospitals bill are expensive as is, but there’s no better time to pamper yourself then while bed-ridden, sick, hurt, and absolutely miserable. That’s why Sharp Health Care is opening a $195 million dollar acute-care tower at its Memorial Hospital campus in Kearney Mesa. Coffee bars, flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations, and therapeutic aromas to fill your bedroom are just some of the amenities offered at this rare high-end hospital.

Lining its halls with beach scenes and gardens, studies “have shown that patients recover faster when they stay in private rooms, are exposed to sunlight and have space for a family member to stay with them overnight”.

Providing a cozy environment for patients in comparison to the usual sterile and gloomy white in most is about attending to the details, details that can lead to dramatic results. Now we all know we could do without certain things, but we don’t care; we deserve it because we’re still living, still breathing, and worth it.

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