Uniqlo created a lot of buzz with their “ Heat Tech Human Vending Machine” but judging from the reviews we are picking up on the web Heat Tech is more than just hype.

Style blogger Suzy Bubble says:

I know I keep banging on about bloody Uniqlo but both the boyf and I have only recently roadtested the HeatTech range and with both of us sticking our cynical noses in the air at so-called ‘scientific facts’ (the fabric absorbs body moisture to create heat…), we were surprised and freaked out that they actually friggin’ work.  I’ve been jaunting around, standing at bus stops for long lengths of time in nothing but a longsleeve Heat Tech tee and actually physically feeling the heat on my back, whilst onlookers in puffa jackets are wondering whether I’m insane or a deranged Eskimo. I have one in nude and grey…I’ll be back for more…

Heat Tech gear is technologically superior to your average knit under-layer and it is inexpensive ( starting at around $12). The fabric helps keep you warm because the wicking action of the material removes moisture off of your skin and the fibers hold in heat by creating tiny pockets of warm air.

The Heat Tech line is rumored to be super comfortable and comes in a variety of great colors. Nothing Pacifies more than staying warm against the cold.

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