Twelve-year-old Tavi Williams writes the seriously amazing fashion blog Style Rookie, and is developing a cult following in the fashion community.

We stumbled on her site after reading a plug for the blog over on Threadtrend (One of our favorite fashion blogs)

Threadtrend says

“Having once been a precocious kid myself, I have fallen hard for Tavi Williams, the 12-year old creator of the fashion blog Style Rookie…. Tavi seems almost too good to be true–not merely precocious but an actual virtuoso. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the work of some performance artist.

Tavi’s self description from her website:

“I am a 12 year old garden gnome with the wit of a wind-up monkey and tact of Larry David. I like sarcasm, singing raps about Rei Kawakubo, and pointy hats. I also like quoting really bad movies. I am Lobo. I hunt alone. I need no one.”

Our first response: disbelief

Not only is the writing amazing, (maybe due to the influence of her father who is an English teacher) the photography and fashion is also top notch.

Here is a sample:

How epic are these prints? The purple tartan from THAT British Vogue Spring editorial, harlequin for carnival fun (I was convinced I didn’t need them but Ana’s Halloween costume has been haunting my dreams) crazy optical illusions for a black/white outfit, plaid to pair with my studded vest, and lace for eerie-beautiful outfits. I don’t know how I would wear the playing cards or marble tie dye but I would love to experiment.

(RU serious!!! A twelve year old wrote that! I am pretty sure I was still playing with action figures when I was twelve, I know I was not reading British Vogue!)img_7387

Our second response: envy

This girl is the real thing, I have no doubt.

I am reminded of the plot 1984 movie Amadeus, where court composer Antoni Salieri becomes insanely jealous of the divinely talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Unlike Mozart, there is nothing despicable in the character of Tavi Williams; she is just a kid with a lot of talent, an eye for fashion and a great personality.

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