Callous. Humorous. Unbelievable. Fantastic. F%&$* Up. Emo. Distracting. Madness. These are just some words used by commentators in reaction to Pepsi’s latest ad campaign for their Pepsi Max, One Calorie soda. Obviously, the graphics are a bit violent, but like it or not the ads have everyone’s attention. By celebrating the all sensitive societal problem of suicides through a humorous cute cartoon, Pepsi is is breaking away from its more traditional advertising approach through celebrity endorsements. Pushing the limits and boundaries of what’s normally presented Pepsi has decided to step over the line in one short, but huge burst. The publicity these ads are generating throughout the media is exactly the kind of free advertising that many companies shoot for, but few successfully acquire and actually stand to gain sales from. Will Pepsi edit down they’re little blue calorie’s desperation? Who knows, but those with a broad sense of humor bethink it humorously memorable and we’re assuming that’s exactly what Pepsi was hoping for. pepsi-suicide2

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