The natural beer promise is that its:

  1. Made From Only Natural Ingredients.
  2. Brewed Naturally.
  3. Free From Artificial Additives or Preservatives.

And that’s all…verbatim. Obviously, a return to nature with or without you is in full force here. But the more interesting part of this product is that instead of infusing beer with vitamins and healthy “stuff” as other brewers have done in the past, the Lion Nathan Brewers have decided it’s better to just leave all the additives –out. Stripping beer to its natural refreshing beauty, this is a very attractive twist to the usual pieces that make it into our Flexible Flux wave. We usually see manufacturers seeking to enhance health tabooed products in order to make them more attractive to the health conscious consumer, and putting a little good in something we know adds serious pounds to our waistline was a great idea. But stripping all the man made extras? Now that just sounds better for you.

How good these beers taste is yet unknown, but we’ll have to check with our Aussie colleagues to find out. For now, we are wondering if a more “natural” beer cuts down on the intensity of the “hangover” the next day.

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