Private Pampering is sure to take on a new face in this economy.

Will people still crave to be spoiled with items of luxury? Of Course!

Will they be able to throw caution to the wind and throw money at something that they desire and probably can’t afford? Probably not.

Target is continuing their program of offering items with a dash of luxury and designer panache with a new series of affordable eco-luxe fashion from the creators’ of eco-conscious label Loomstate.

This is the second collaboration that designer Rogan Gregory, creator of Loomstate and the more avant-garde label Rogan, has performed with Target.  The success of the first line proved that even consumers on a budget will pay a little more for stylish clothing that is ethically sound. The new line is planned to be released in April, coinciding with Earth Day celebrations.

Loomstate is considered to be the more practical of the designer’s two brands and the price point will be modest , priced between ($14.99 and $44.99)ut, the new collection will be anything but boring.

Co-founder Scott Hahn says to WWD

“We did a drunken yarn dye with a little curved wabi-sabi feeling that’s totally unique,” Hahn said. “For a couple of blends, we used linen and silk. It’s not ho-hum organic cotton. It’s engineered fabrics, which makes it all the more interesting.”

Environmentally friendly and Organic are the new made in Italy, especially when it comes to fashion. This makes any product that fits into these categories feel a little more luxurious and makes it easier to justify the extra cost because of the perception that you are doing something good for the world and yourself by buying it. When it comes wrapped up in a stylish, comfortable and affordable package, who can resist?

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